Smart Earth Seeds offers the finest quality cold-pressed filtered 100% non-GMO Camelina sativa oil. Our Camelina is grown from our own carefully-developed germplasm by great producers on the Canadian Prairies.

Camelina is rich in Omega3 fatty acids and tocopherols in a ratio that is unique among vegetable oils.

In recent years the potential health benefits of Camelina supplements for animals in the form of oil, seed and meal are being widely researched and acknowledged.

Our Midas brand Camelina oil offers 1.2-1.6:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 along with a superior shelf life and oxidative stability.

Studies have suggested the value of Omega3 in equine physiology could include improved exercise tolerance, decreased inflammation, and better reproductive function.

A study published in Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research suggests that Omega3 fatty acids of the type found in Camelina could help maintain a healthy coat in horses without side effects.

Some studies suggest that adding Omega3 oil to your horses diet could:

  • Promote joint health
  • Help to maintain a healthy immune function
  • Enhance reproductive and overall physical performance
  • Factor in the maintenance of good overall health
  • Help to maintain a healthy skin/coat
  • Play a role in maintaining the integrity of hooves
  • Promote natural defences
  • Help maintain energy and general vitality

Horse owners who have introduced our 100% non-gmo Smart Earth Camelina Oil to their animal’s diet tell us they see almost immediate effects: improved energy and a brighter sheen and quality to the animal’s coat. “Recently, I have been trying Smart Earths’ Camelina oil as a feed supplement for my performance horse,” says Danada Nordin, an Andalusian Breeder in Clavet, Saskatchewan. “I am very impressed with how shiny her coat is, and the quality of her skin. She no longer has dandruff or dry skin. I’m also very happy with the nutritional value of the oil, as she is a hard-working athlete. I know that she is getting what she needs.”

Horse owner and breeder Roger Johnson says: “I have found Camelina oil to be a very effective feed additive to promote joint health in performance horses. Even one horse that was severely injured in his stifle during breeding season responded quickly and healed with full mobility due to the Camelina oil. It also certainly adds a shine to their coat and a sparkle to their eye, and seems to improve stamina without causing ‘excess’ (nervous) energy. I highly recommend Camelina oil as a regular feed additive.” ORDER HERE …