Our Mission

Smart Earth Seeds is dedicated to developing the best Camelina varieties available while working hand-in-hand with our growers to provide excellent production practices.

We are the leading global Camelina enterprise and we maintain a continuous plant-breeding program unmatched in scale and scope.

Our plant-breeding activities provide a significant pipeline of trait development to ensure maximum yield and profitability for our growers for years to come.

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Camelina Benefits

Camelina is a short-season crop: time from seeding to maturity is only 85 to 100 days. Camelina possesses very good frost tolerance in the seedling stage and the full-grown plants exhibit good drought tolerance. This makes it an attractive oilseed alternative for Saskatchewan, particularly in the lighter soils of the southwest…

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Latest News

CTV News FarmGate reports that Smart Earth Seeds is attracting new investment interest for our high-Omega meal and oil products derived from a proprietary camelina genetics platform. Investment interest has been sparked by our establishment of markets for Omega3-rich camelina meal as feed for broiler chickens and egg-laying hens – and...

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Smart Earth Seeds has assembled a comprehensive database of reference materials, research papers and general information on Camelina. We offer an “Ask the Expert” feature and maintain an active Camelina Forum where our growers compare notes. Why not join our Camelina Community? For a free Portal ID and Password please visit our...

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Our Team

Smart Earth Seeds has assembled a highly qualified team of experts. In the laboratory and in the field we work with farmers to develop best agronomy practices to ensure success. We are the global leader in camelina production.

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