It’s New. It’s Gold. And It’s Really, Really Smart.

Introducing NewGold™, the world's first and only herbicide resistant Camelina seed variety.

Let’s Start With A No-Brainer.

Have land with lighter soils?

✅ Need a crop with lower input costs than canola?

✅ Want to grow an oilseed rotation crop to remove volunteer canola?

✅ Experiencing drought conditions?

✅ Want to invest in your local economy?

✅ Are you worried about no Act of God contracts?

Then it's time to start growing Camelina!

Made to yield. Made to sell.
Made right here in Saskatchewan.

Bred specifically for Saskatchewan canola and flax growers with light, sandy soils, only NewGold Camelina is patent protected, drought tolerant and resistant to flea beetles, blackleg and blackspot—with high yield and marketability potential.

Accomplish More. On your Marginal Land.

Offering competitive pricing and superior performance on marginal land, this Canadian-grown crop is a great fit for your farm, if you:

✅ Have land with lighter soils
✅ Need a crop with lower input costs than canola
✅ Want to grow an oilseed rotation crop to remove volunteer canola
✅ Experience drought conditions
✅ Want to invest in your local economy
✅ Full Act of God

Production contracts available NOW. Click here or call 306-220-2737 and talk to Carlene, our crop production specialist.

Buyers want to shop Camelina.
Which is why you should grow Camelina.

In fact, why not give it a try this season?

Smart Earth Camelina Oil is high in Omega 3—with more vitamin E than flax oil. This makes it more stable to store. And equine and canine owners use it to supplement Omega 3s in their animals’ diet.

Plus, when you grow Smart Earth Camelina —you invest in your local economy. Our Camelina is crushed, cleaned, bottled, and sold in Saskatchewan. With two varieties developed (and one on the way), Smart Earth is ready to support producers in their crop production journey.

Finally, Smart Earth can help you achieve profitable yields on marginal land—where you can net less nitrogen, use less inputs, and enjoy a shorter growing season.

Growing Smart means supporting local.
And setting yourself up for success.

Take advantage of unique and stable markets

☑️ Sustainable Aquaculture feedstock
☑️ Omega3 Supplement for Companion Pets (Equine, Canine & Feline)
☑️ No export issues
☑️ Camelina oil is a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) – an important Omega-3 fatty acid.

Still more agronomic benefits

☑️ Early maturing at 85-100 days
☑️ Resistance to flea beetles, blackleg and blackspot
☑️ Seedlings have excellent frost tolerance for EARLY SEEDING
☑️ Shatter resistance for STRAIGHT CUTTING

Plant a lower input crop on low-priority land

☑️ Relative low fertilizer requirements
☑️ No seed treatments
☑️ Minimal requirements of pesticides and insecticides

Support your local economy

☑️ SK business based in Saskatoon, SK
☑️ Saskatchewan producers
☑️ Crushed and packaged locally
☑️ Support local trucking

Put smart to work—with leading Camelina genetics with superior agronomics

☑️ NewGold™ Group 2 herbicide resistant variety provides a control option for in-crop broadleaf weeds and canola volunteers
☑️ Improved yields over ancestorial camelina
☑️ Improved disease resistance to downy mildew and sclerotinia
☑️ Larger seed size for superior emergence
☑️ Actively advancing breeding program

Get higher performance in dryland and drought conditions

☑️ Well established plants exhibit drought tolerance
☑️ Outperforms canola in dryland conditions with lower inputs

Production contracts available NOW. Click here or call 306-220-2737 and talk to Carlene, our crop production specialist.

Talk about Smart. Meet some of our growers.

Nick & Steve Burtney - Prince Albert, SK

Gerry Schiltroth - Ridgedale, SK

Ben Siwack - Prince Albert, SK

Support Local, Lower your input costs & Grow in Marginal Lands. Apply for a production contract today.

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