Camelina contributes to Casey's amazing turnaround

Camelina contributes to Casey's amazing turnaround

Casey, a massive Percheron plow horse who stands 18.2 hands high, was in terrible condition when he was rescued by the good folks at Walkabout Farm.

"Casey is the poster child for Camelina," said Jennifer Semach, Founder and Executive Director of Walkabout Farm Therapeutic Riding Association in Minden, Ontario.

The farm is a horse rescue operation but also offers horse therapy for people with a variety of developmental or physical health conditions.

"Casey was 350 pounds underweight with inflamed joints when we got him," said Jennifer. "He was riddled with worms, covered in skin lesions and rain rot with visible open sores from a ploughing harness.

All the black spots you see on Casey are scars. The ploughing equipment he was forced to wear rubbed his skin raw and caused substantial soft tissue damage and secondary infections. He was just such a mess. The vet wasn’t confident he’d even recover."

Jennifer said supplementing his feed with Smart Earth Camelina Oil, with its unique ratio of Omega3 to Omega6 in an excellent anti-oxidant background had a substantial impact in bringing Casey back to health. It even helped alleviate Casey's arthritic hocks and inflamed joints.

"I had heard about the benefits of Camelina oil from a friend and decided to try it on Casey right away along with nutritionally balanced food and lots of TLC."

Before long Casey was noticeably moving better and his skin returned to good health: an amazing turnaround in large measure due to the addition of Smart Earth Camelina Oil in his diet.

"Your product quite possibly saved his life," Jennifer said. Today Casey is the talk of the community. "He’s a real crowd pleaser, not many people have seen a horse so big. People are also shocked when they learn that all those black spots are scars where the hair has grown back in black."