Improvement of Camelina sativa, an Underexploited Oilseed – J. Vollmann, A. Damboeck, A. Eckl, H. Schrems, and P. Ruckenbauer – In: Progress in New Crops (ed.: J. Janick), ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA -1996



Summary: Camelina [Camelina sativa (L.) Crtz., Brassicaceae], known as false flax or gold-of-pleasure is a spring-planted crop species.

Although camelina has been cultivated in Europe since the Bronze Age, it is an underexploited oilseed crop at present. In the present investigation, results from an agronomic evaluation of new lines of camelina are reported. The genotypes tested were derived from a recombination program, which mainly focused on the improvement of agronomic performance of camelina as an alternative and low input oilseed crop for Central Europe.

The article is in Progress in New Crops