Effect of nitrogen fertilizer application on seed yield, Nitrogen uptake and seed quality of Camelina sativa – S.S. Malhi, E.N. Johnson, L.M. Hall, W.E. May, S. Phelps, and B. Nybo – Canadian Journal of Soil Science – 2013

Summary: Two field experiments were conducted (2008 to 2010) in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, to determine the effect of N fertilizer application on camelina plant establishment, seed and straw yield, total N uptake in seed and straw, seed oil and protein concentration, N fertilizer use efficiency and percent recovery of applied N (%NR) in seed. Camelina responded to fairly high rates of applied N similar to responses reported for Brassica juncea in the same region. Link: http://pubs.aic.ca/doi/abs/10.4141/cjss2012-086