Smart Earth Seeds released its initial Camelina cultivar - MIDAS - in the spring of 2013. This elite variety was developed in Saskatoon, Sask., by Dr. Kevin Falk, senior plant breeder at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Station. It is exclusively licensed to Smart Earth Seeds and the breeding efforts that led to the development of MIDAS were supported by Smart Earth Seeds and parent company Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc. through project collaborations from inception. Certified planting seed of MIDAS has been available to producers as of early 2013.

MIDAS is a spring-type Camelina cultivar with high seed yield and high oil content. In performance evaluations in central and southern Saskatchewan and Alberta, MIDAS yielded over 35 bu/acre on average, with an oil content of 41 to 42% at 14 separate locations. MIDAS grows to medium heights (26 – 34 inches), and it flowers, depending on the weather conditions, after about 45 days. The crop reaches maturity 85 to 100 days after seeding. What is unique about this cultivar is its partial resistance to downy mildew, the most important pathogen in Camelina production. With this, MIDAS has a competitive advantage over other Camelina cultivars.