Crop insurance benefits expanded for Camelina

Establishment Benefit offered to Saskatchewan producers in 2016

SASKATOON, SK (March 3, 2016) – Smart Earth Seeds is pleased to report that Saskatchewan farmers are now entitled to an Establishment Benefit for Camelina under the provincial crop insurance program.

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation has included Camelina among crops that qualify for an Establishment Benefit under the 2016 insurance provisions.

“An Establishment Benefit value of $30 per acre has been added for Camelina, in response to the experience growers have gained with this new oilseed crop,” said Lawrence MacAulay, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food along with Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart, in a joint announcement.

“We are very pleased to see SCIC acknowledge that more and more producers are choosing to grow Camelina,” said Jack Grushcow, CEO of Smart Earth Seeds, the leading global Camelina enterprise. “This benefit reduces risk. We believe it will result in more producers including Camelina in their crop rotation plans.”

“This means producers can now file a claim if their Camelina crop fails to establish due to insurable causes before the seeding deadline. We didn’t have this benefit before. It demonstrates the increasing recognition of Camelina as a valuable oilseed cropping option,” said Christina Eynck, Smart Earth Seeds plant breeder. “The $30 per acre reflects input from producers who’ve had success with the crop and the fact that Camelina is a low input crop that can be seeded on marginal land across various soil zones,” said Eynck.

Camelina seeded in the brown soil zone will have a seeding deadline of May 21. In the rest of Saskatchewan, the Establishment Benefit of $30/acre may be paid for Camelina crops which fail to adequately establish or suffer damage before June 20. A minimum of 10 acres or 10 per cent of the total acres seeded must have failed to establish to be eligible.

Producers are encouraged to contact their local crop insurance office and review their coverage. Terms and conditions regarding the Establishment Benefit for Camelina are on the SCIC website.

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