In many languages Camelina is simply …. Camelina.

Camelina may also be called:

gold-of-pleasure, caméline de l’Ouest, linseed dodder, petit lin, camelina pilosa, false flax, Hryst [Serbian], Lnicznik [Polish], sésame d’Allemagne, big seed false flax, Tuder [Estonian], large seeded false flax, caméline ciliée, Рыжик посевной [Russian], caméline faux-lin, western false flax, wild flax, Dutch flax, faux-lin, petit lin, sésame bâtard, Leindotter, Saat-Leindotter, dodder [Danish], dådror [Swedish], lnianka, gomborka [Hungarian],  western false flax, German sesame, caméline cultivée, faux-lin de l’Ouest, Judra [Lithuanian], lin bâtard, 亚麻荠 [Chinese], סאטיבה קמלינה [Hebrew], कैमेलीना सैटाइवा [Hindi], Ketenciler’de [Azerbaijani], კამელინის [Georgian], アマナズナ属 [ Japanese], كاميلينا [Arabic] and … Myagrum sativum – which is an older name for camelina that we mentioned in an earlier Smart Earth Seeds blog entry about various uses for this important crop. The use of this ancient oilseed dates back thousands of years into human history and its’ evidence is found among the earliest of domesticated crops.

Do you know of more linguistic synonyms for Camelina?

We compiled these synonyms from a variety of sources. One of them is the excellent resource Feedipedia. Paris-based Feedipedia is a joint project of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development (CIRAD) the French Association for Animal Production (AFZ) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Another source is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s biology document on Camelina sativa.

Want to know even more about Camelina?

Smart Earth Seeds maintains links to hundreds of academic papers and research studies on camelina in our Library. There, you can find information on a range of topics: camelina oil, camelina yield per acre, camelina biodiesel production and oil press techniques, industrial uses of camelina for cosmetics, plastics and polymers, Camelina as a biolubricant, camelina animal meal and feed for poultry, camelina as feed for fish in aquaculture, Camelina seed and crop production, Camelina health benefits, agronomic tips – and much, much more. it’s free. Join here.

Illustration of Camelina by J Kops et al (1889) via Plant Illustrations dot org