Smart Earth Seeds contracted about 5,000 acres of Midas Camelina among Saskatchewan producers last season and in 2015 we extended the contracting window as producers contemplated late seeding or re-seeding following frost and heavy rains.

We are very happy to be working with our growers again this year, and plan on a successful season with this low-input, short season oilseed that matures in just 85 to 100 days.

Here is a recent news story in the Manitoba Co-operator, describing how Camelina can serve as a short season alternative for growers who are re-seeding or late seeding due to frost or moisture.

With disease and pest resistance, Camelina is also very drought tolerant. The photo above, taken June 8, 2015, shows a Camelina crop emerging very nicely in drought-stricken fields near Rosetown, Saskatchewan.

Camelina is an ancient oilseed that holds great promise for a greener future: There is evidence to suggest that feeding rations of Camelina seed, meal, or oil contributes to superior animal products that are healthier for the human diet. The CFIA earlier this year approved use of Camelina meal in broiler chicken feed and Camelina oil and meal both can be used as replacements for fish oil in aquaculture.

Camelina also shows great promise as an earth-friendly industrial crop – the oils can be used to make green lubricants and polymers, alternatives to what are usually petroleum-derived products.

If you are interested in growing Camelina, call us at (306) 381-6818 for details. Or send an email using the Contact form on this site.