Wondering if you could add Camelina to your crop roatation?

Curious to know where camelina fits? Check out this video by Chris Thorson:



Here are a few additional notes from Chris - for you to consider if you're keen to add Camelina to your rotation:


Camelina needs to be seeded on stubble that does not have a Group 2 residual. It can replace lentil acres, flax acres, or canola acres on marginal land.

"Camelina will out-produce anything I have grown on poorer soils - just don't expect 50 bu per acre on alkali! It's a low cost of production and has shown excellent opportunity for high returns."

The #1 key to a great Camelina crop is to make sure you have a good clean field to start! Let the weeds grow and get a good burn-off with a product that will look after Roundup volunteers. Key #2 is variety. Smart Earth's Cypress brand has proven the last couple years to have an extremely high yield potential.  It also has a larger seed size that makes seeding and harvesting easier! On another note, this stuff cuts and thrashes very easily!

Markets for Camelina include the aquatic industry (fish farms) the chicken industry (high omega eggs) as well as the equine industry - as a supplement that is proving to work wonders on animals with hip problems as well as making them shine!

Contact us via email: sales@smartearthseeds.com and check out this LINK for more from Chris on growing this great Smart Earth brand camelina.