Smart Earth Seeds contracted about 5,000 acres of Midas Camelina among Saskatchewan producers in 2014 – and we look forward to more success in the 2015 crop year.

Smart Earth partnered with Chaplin Grain Corporation, an elevator in Chaplin, Sask., and Central Plains Co-op, who worked hand-in-hand with our growers. Smart Earth CEO Jack Grushcow said the company purposely contracted a relatively small crop because “we want every grower to be successful and we want to make sure that we build the market in a stepwise fashion.”

Camelina is a promising oilseed crop: the oil can be used to make green lubricants and polymers, environmentally friendly alternatives to what are usually petroleum-derived products. Camelina meal has been approved as a livestock feed in the U.S. and, in Canada in early 2015 the CFIA approved use of Camelina meal in broiler chicken feed. Smart Earth associate company Linnaeus Plant Sciences worked with the Feeds Innovation Institute at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture on the broiler chicken trial. We are proud to be a member of AgWest Bio and acknowledge the support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Growing Forward 2 program. For more on prospects for the Camelina’s market in Canada, here’s a news article from the Calgary Herald.