When Lori McCumber brought Rory to L & M Equestrian near Waterloo, Ont., the 5-year-old thoroughbred was a starvation case.

But the positive turnaround she has seen in Rory’s overall health in just 30 short days is simply amazing, partly due to adding Camelina oil to the horse’s diet.

Lori has been bringing rescue animals to her boarding and training farm for the past several years, helping them to turn around and then re-homing them.

Rory was a real hardship case – extremely undernourished and neglected – so she immediately placed him on good rations with a supplement of Smart Earth Seeds equine oil.
“I had used other Omega oils in the past but this is the most cost effective and does the most,” she said. “Rory is the fastest turnaround of any horse we’ve had – with the most dramatic difference,” she added.

Lori, who has about 40 horses at L & M Equestrian, said Smart Earth’s equine oil seems to have the ideal Omega3-Omega6 balance. “I had used other Omega oils before, the last one was basically a fish oil,” she said. “What we noticed with Rory is his coat is turning out really nice and shiny. He seems to be putting on muscle better – it’s like the oil helps him process the feed better.”

She also noticed an improvement in the composition of Rory’s hooves and his overall demeanor has changed dramatically for the better. “He’s calmed down a lot. He was a little loopy when he got here,” Lori said, adding she now has several other horses on Camelina oil as a supplement and they also are doing well.

Scientists suggest Omega3-Omega6 fatty acids are necessary in horse diets, since, just like humans, horses don’t manufacture these essential fats themselves.

Camelina is rich in Omega3 fatty acids and tocopherols in a ratio that is unique among vegetable oils. In recent years the potential health benefits of Camelina supplements for animals in the form of oil, seed and meal is being widely researched and acknowledged.

Smart Earth Seeds Camelina oil offers 1.2-1.6:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 along with a superior shelf life and oxidative stability.