Coming to a Crop Show near you …

Smart Earth Seeds is pleased to be attending the Western Canadian Crop Production Show again this year, where we offer producers the very latest information about how to best grow the exciting oilseed crop Camelina, and describe its many functions and uses.

The show, from January 12-15, 2015, at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has become Western Canada’s premier agricultural industry showcase.

This is the second year Smart Earth Seeds has presented trend-setting information about Camelina at the Crop Production Show.

We are in Hall B, booth B69, in the same location as last year, and are happy to discuss the best agronomic practices for our Midas brand Camelina sativa. We can answer all your questions about Camelina seeding dates and rates, weed control and fertility.

As well as talking about the latest trends and information relating to Camelina agronomy, we will also be signing up growers for more Camelina contract acres for the 2015 crop year.

The Western Canadian Crop Production Show offers presentations and information to producers on the latest technology, services, and products including:

Crop production practices and products
Field Equipment
Crop inputs and application
Commodity marketing
Seed bed preparation
Seed and soil information
Straw and chaff management
Grain handling, processing, storage and transportation
Harvest technology
Farm financing and real estate

Look for us at the Smart Earth Seeds Camelina booth. We are happy to answer your questions about environmentally friendly Camelina, how best to grow it, the crop’s place in the market and its exciting products including: high Omega3 Camelina oil, Camelina as aquaculture feed and animal meal and Camelina as an industrial crop.