Smart Earth Camelina Corp executives were present this week at Aquaculture America 2020 - the National Conference & Exposition of the USA National Aquaculture Association and World Aquaculture Society meetings in Hawaii.

Smart Earth CEO Jack Grushcow and General manager Mike Cey met with aquaculture experts to demonstrate the viability of Camelina oil as a replacement for fish oil in the aquaculture industry.

Camelina holds special appeal for the aquaculture industry due to its unique N3 | N6 fatty acid profile.

Experts have said the use of wild-sourced fish to feed farmed fish is not sustainable, either ecologically or economically. According to a recent paper published by The World Aquaculture Society: "Aquaculture's unparalleled growth cannot be achieved at the expense of environmental and social responsibilities."

"The need to decrease the dependence on fish meal and fish oil in the formulation of suitable aquafeeds for cultured species (especially marine) has long been recognized by the aquaculture sector. The stagnation of world fisheries, along with the decreasing trend of fish captures destined for non‐food uses (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2018), has prompted the aquafeed sector to explore alternative ingredients, either marine or land based."

Smart Earth Camelina Corp expects shortly to ship the first rail car of camelina oil from the Canadian Prairies to an major aquaculture user in Vancouver.

The opening of the global aquaculture market for camelina, a unique oilseed crop that can be grown with very low input costs, is good news for Canadian agricultural producers and great news for the world's oceans.