Smart Earth Camelina Corp. has been conventionally breeding innovative lines of the oilseed Camelina since 2005. We are experts in breeding and growing Camelina. We contract with growers across the Canadian prairies to produce our proprietary varieties of non-GMO Camelina.

We have expertly bred a uniquely large seed size of Camelina to make it easier for farmers to grow and to harvest this crop, rich in health-promoting Omega3 fatty acids and high in vitamin E. We continue to focus on improving the overall Omega3/Omega6 oil profile of Camelina as well as the overall crop agronomics.

Once the Camelina seed is harvested and cleaned (no special equipment, conventional techniques) it is delivered to a food-grade crushing facility. Here, the seed is cold-pressed - producing a natural golden oil. This solvent-free mechanical extraction process uses a screw type machine to squeeze the oil from the Camelina seeds. This way, we retain most of the nutrients and flavour from the seed. We don't add any preservatives, additives or coloring. Smart Earth Camelina oil is 100% pure, non-GMO cold-pressed oil. The Camelina oil is then filtered and poured into containers in a food grade facility where it is given a Best Before date (2 years shelf life when properly stored).

The oil is sold into the aquaculture industry and also is Health Canada approved as a veterinary supplement for horses and for dogs. The meal by-product left behind after the oil is extracted is saved in this cold-press expeller process - and we supply markets in the animal feed industries locally and abroad with high Omega Camelina meal.