Canada’s climate means horses can’t be grazing on outdoor pastures year-round.

Adding Omega-3s to their diets helps to supplement their rations when they’re consuming dried hay instead of fresh grass, says a recent article in

“It gives horses’ coats a nice glossy sheen, allows for healthy hair growth, and is good for their skin when they get itchy and dry in the winter from wearing blankets,” says Jenna Tranter of Four Corners Equestrian, who has been working with Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc. and subsidiary Smart Earth Seeds marketing Camelina oil for the equine marketplace. “This is especially important for competitive equestrians whose horses have to look perfect all the time.”

Camelina oil, which is added to their grain or on top of hay, also improves their gastrointestinal health, she adds.
It was when several companies began ordering bulk camelina oil for their own equine products that this new market opportunity came to the attention of Linnaeus; the company ultimately developed its own branding and web-based marketing strategy to sell the oil directly to horse owners.
“We use Shopify for our online store, marketing through Facebook and also partnering with Amazon, and we’re getting a groundswell of orders in Canada,” says Linnaeus President Jack Grushcow. “On one end, our company is focused on traditional, science-based, old-school plant breeding and crop development and on the other end, we’re marketing and selling online in a way that isn’t standard issue in the agricultural business world.”

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