Graze on Grass Equine Founder Nancy Findlay's Endorsement

June 11th, 2021

The full endorsement can be read below...

Nancy: Hi, my name is Nancy Findlay and my husband and I are owners and operators of Graze on Grass Equine near Markdale, Ontario. I discovered Smart Earth camelina oil in the spring and I put two geriatric, underweight, older pertrons on it and they bloomed, they blossomed. I thought, "Well, this is good stuff." Then I read more about it, about the hyper allergic reaction that our horses were having and having great success with the camelina oil, which is what Pebbles gets every July, something in the grass that bite. And she breaks out and itches herself like crazy. So I tried the camelina oil.

Within two weeks of starting the camelina oil at two ounces a day, I was able to take her off the steroid that she has to go on every single year. So, that was a bonus. The X added bonuses were her coat was fantastic. I had to reduce her to one ounce because weight gain was not an issue with her. She has no problem doing that on her own, pertron and quarter horse. And her feet are awesome, everything is just wonderful. So, Pebbles the wonder horse says thank you camelina oil.

Fay: Hi, I'm Fay and I'm a boarder at Graze on Grass with my beautiful thoroughbred horse. I have three points I would want to make about the effect of camelina oil on Tomaqua. One is she was able to go through a relentless Grey County winter without wearing a coat because her own natural coat was so luxurious from camelina oil. Secondly, I've really noticed a difference in the texture of and growth of her mane and tail. And the third point is that her mood as a mare has shown an improvement. So as you can see, Tom really enjoys camelina oil.