Caroline's Story: How Camelina Oil Helped Put Weight on Her Underweight Horse

May 11th 2021

"Hello Smart Earth Camelina Oil Company!!

I honestly cannot believe that I am writing to you about how well my horse is doing since I have been giving him Camelina Oil.

A year ago, this May, my horse had a very bad ulcer colic. I really thought that this was it and would have to put him down. He finally pulled through, minus 200-250 pounds, putting him at a 2 on the condition scoring chart (he was already thin and had no weight to spare). For over a year, we tried to put weight back on him, to no avail (soy meal, flax seed, vitamins, black sunflower seeds, corn oil, alfalfa cubes and pellets). That is, until my friend/coach, told me a client that had come in to the Pet Food Store where she was working. They got to talking about this and that, the subject turning to horses that were hard to put weight on, the client told her about using Camelina Oil and how it made a huge difference in her horse. She called me and said: "Someone told me about this feed supplement called Camelina Oil, tell me what you think". So, I went to your website and read up, "We had tried pretty much everything we could think of under the sun". I finally ordered the oil and gave it a shot.

I am so happy to report that after 3 months on Camelina Oil, my underweight 19 year old Irish Warmblood has changed dramatically! He has put on weight, his coat is shiny. My farrier even says his feet are the best he has ever seen them in 7 years... I had decided to retire him, because of him being so sickly. We are proud to say we are getting back into training!

Thank you Smart Earth for this amazing product! I highly recommend your oil to anyone who will listen."

Caroline Marin and Abricot