Thanks to everyone who visited our Smart Earth Seeds booth at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show again this year.

We were pleased to meet producers and to offer the very latest information about how to best grow Camelina, and to describe its many functions and uses.

The show, held this year from January 11-14 at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has become Western Canada’s premier agricultural industry showcase.

This is the third year Smart Earth Seeds presented trend-setting information about Camelina at the Crop Production Show.

Camelina is a good fit in rotation with winter cereals such as winter wheat and fall rye. Depending on the individual farm, net profits can be $100/acre or more due to good yields and low input costs.

This year, Camelina is included in the Saskatchewan Seed Guide (p. 26): 

We’re excited to talk about Camelina’s place in the market and its’ many uses and products including high Omega3 Camelina oil, Camelina as aquaculture feed and animal meal and Camelina as an industrial crop.