Plant-based proteins and their multifaceted industrial applications - Manoj Kumar, Maharishi Tomar, Sneh Punia, Jyoti Dhakane-Lad, Sangram Dhumal, Sushil Changan, Marisennayya Senapathy, Mukesh K. Berwal, Vellaikumar Sampathrajan, Ali A.S. Sayed, Deepak C

This review presents various applications of plant-based proteins as food supplements in human nutrition, edible coating materials for fruits and vegetables, emulsifiers in numerous food products, sources of bioactive peptides in nutra- and pharmaceutical products, hydrogels in drug delivery and nonedible applications as wood adhesives. Distinct biological properties of proteins obtained from plant sources such as peanuts, soybeans, kidney beans, rice, quinoa, sunflowers, cottonseed, camelina, maize and others are also conceptually discussed based on their diverse applications in human health and nutrition.

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