Implications of climate change on wind erosion of agricultural lands in the Columbia plateau - B.S. Sharratt, J.Tatarko, J.T.Abatzoglou, F.A.Fox, D.Huggins – Weather and Climate Extremes 2015

Wind erosion simulations were conducted on a winter wheat-summerfallow (WW-SF) rotation and

on an additional winter wheat-camelina-summerfallow (WW-Cam-SF) rotation. Each rotation was subject to conservation or conventional tillage practices for a baseline (1970–1999) and mid-21st century climate (2035–2064). Despite accounting for differences in the length of each rotation, annual soil and PM10 losses remained higher for the WW-Cam-SF rotation than the WW-SF rotation. Thus, stringent conservation practices may be required when introducing camelina into WW-SF rotations to reduce the risk of wind erosion in the region.

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