New sources of resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum for crucifer crops – M.B. Uloth, M.P. You, P.M. Finnegan, S.S. Banga, S.K. Banga, P.S. Sandhu, H. Yi, P.A. Salisbury, and M.J. Barbetti,- Field Crops Research 2013

Summary: Effective host resistance to S. sclerotiorum is urgently needed if Sclerotinia rot is to be successfully managed across diverse oilseed, forage and vegetable crucifer crops worldwide. While this study highlighted individual genotypes that offer great potential for improving resistance to Sclerotinia rot in commercial cruciferous crops, it also demonstrated that assessment of the overall value of a species is only possible when a significant number of genotypes within the species are tested. As resistance was identified for the first time across many of these diverse cruciferous species, it is likely that some resistances identified constitute new sources and/or types of host resistance not previously identified.