Intergeneric protoplast fusion between Brassica carinata and Camelina sativa – S.B. Narasimhulu, B.Kirti, S.R. Bhatt, S. Prakash, and V.L. Chopra – Plant Cell Reports 1994

Summary: Camelina sativa is a wild crucifer that is reported to be resistant to Alternaria blight. In order to transfer Alternaria resistance to B. carinata, fusion of protoplasts of the two species was performed. Confirmation of hybridity was obtained from the morphology of in vitro produced leaves, somatic chromosome number in leaf tips, and restriction fragment length polymorphism for a nuclear rDNA probe. Analysis for organelle constitution using RFLPs indicated that the hybrid contained chloroplasts derived from the wild species and mitochondria from the cultivated Brassica species.