Intake of Camelina Sativa Oil and Fatty Fish Alter the Plasma Lipid Mediator Profile in Subjects with Impaired Glucose Metabolism – A Randomized Controlled Trial - Topi Meuronena, Maria A. Lankinen, Alexander Fauland, Bun-ichi Shimizu, Vanessa D. de Mell

We investigated the effect of dietary intake of plant- and animal-derived n-3 PUFAs and fish protein on the circulatory concentrations of lipid mediators. Seventy-nine subjects with impaired fasting glucose who completed the controlled dietary intervention after randomization to the fatty fish (FF, n=20), lean fish (LF, n=21), Camelina sativa oil (CSO, n=18) or control group (n=20) for 12 weeks. The dietary intake of both plant and animal-based n-3 PUFAs increased circulatory concentrations of lipid mediators with potential anti-inflammatory properties.

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