Development of omega‐3‐rich Camelina sativa seed oil emulsions - Journal of Food Science & Nutrition - Belayneh, Wehling, Zhang, Ciftci - 2017

Summary: Camelina sativa seed is an underutilized oil source rich in omega‐3 fatty acids; however, camelina oil is not fully explored for food applications. Its high omega‐3 content makes it susceptible to oxidation, which may limit food applications. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to investigate the potential of camelina seed oil to form physically and oxidatively stable emulsions as a potential delivery system for omega‐3 fatty acids. Emulsions prepared with high pressure homogenization at both 15 and 30 MPa with 3 and more passes did not exhibit any peroxide formation over 28 days. Results indicated that camelina seed oil is a promising alternative oil source to form stable omega‐3‐rich emulsions for food applications.