Single-nucleotide polymorphism identification and genotyping in Camelina sativa – R. Singh, V. Bollina, E. E. Higgins, W. E. Clarke, C. Eynck, C. Sidebottom, R. Gugel, R. Snowdon, I. A. Parkin – Molecular Breeding 2015

Summary: Camelina sativa, a largely relict crop, has recently returned to interest due to its potential as an industrial oilseed. Molecular markers are key tools that will allow C. sativa to benefit from modern breeding approaches. Two complementary methodologies, capture of 3′ cDNA tags and genomic reduced-representation libraries, both of which exploited second generation sequencing platforms, were used to develop a low density (768) Illumina GoldenGate single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array. The array allowed 533 SNP loci to be genetically mapped in a recombinant inbred population of C. sativa. Alignment of the SNP loci to the C. sativa genome identified the underlying sequenced regions that would delimit potential candidate genes in any mapping project. In addition, the SNP array was used to assess genetic variation among a collection of 175 accessions of C. sativa, identifying two sub-populations, yet low overall gene diversity. The SNP loci will provide useful tools for future crop improvement of C. sativa.