De novo assembly and characterization of Camelina sativa transcriptome by paired-end sequencing – C. Liang, X. Liu, S.-M. Yiu, and B. L. Lim – BMC Genomics – 2013

Summary: This is the first report of a transcriptome database for Camelina sativa. We showed that C. savita is closely related to Arabidopsis spp. and more distantly related to Brassica spp. Although the majority of annotated genes had high sequence identity to those of A. thaliana, a substantial proportion of disease-resistance genes  were instead more closely similar to the genes of other Brassicaceae. As plant genomes are under long-term selection pressure from environmental stressors, conservation of these disease-resistance genes in C. sativa and B. rapa genomes implies that they are exposed to the threats from closely-related pathogens in their natural habitats. Link: (Open Access)