Camelina seed transcriptome: a tool for meal and oil improvement and translational research – H.T. Nguyen, J.E. Silva, R. Podicheti, J. Macrander, W. Yang, T.J. Nazarenus, Jeong-Wong Nam, J.G. Jaworski, C. Lu, B.E. Scheffler, K. Mockaitis, and E.B. Cahoon

Summary: To identify candidate genes for meal and oil quality improvement, a transcriptome reference was built from 2047 Sanger ESTs and more than 2 million 454-derived sequence reads, representing genes expressed in developing camelina seeds. These transcriptomic data will be useful for breeding and engineering of additional camelina seed traits and for translating findings from the model Arabidopsis to an oilseed crop.

Link: (Open Access)