Imaging heterogeneity of membrane and storage lipids in transgenic Camelina sativa seeds with altered fatty acid profiles – P. J. Horn, J. E. Silva, D. Anderson, J. Fuchs, L. Borisjuk, T. J. Nazarenus, V. Shulaev, E. B. Cahoon, and K. D. Chapman – The Pla

Summary: Study investigates the distribution of triacylglycerols and their phospholipid precursors within cotyledons and the hypocotyl of generic C. sativa and genetically modified lines with altered seed lipid composition. The results reveal previously unknown differences in acyl lipid distribution in Camelina embryos and suggest that this spatial heterogeneity may or may not be able to be changed effectively in transgenic seeds depending upon the targeted enzyme(s)/pathway(s). Link: