True phosphorus digestibility of camelina meal in broiler chickens - Pekel, A.Y., Adedokun, S.A., and Adeola, O. - Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 98(1) : 194-203 Published By: Canadian Science Publishing 2017

This study was conducted to determine the true digestibility of phosphorus (P) in two different coldpressed camelina meals using regression method. Six semi-purified experimental diets containing 120, 240, or

360 g of camelina meal (CM) per kilogram from camelina meal 1 (CM1) and camelina meal 2 (CM2) were formulated. Results showed that high level of dietary CM inclusion resulted in a significant reduction in utilization of P in diets, and there was a considerable range in P utilization between the two camelina meal samples. The higher GS9 glucosinolate content of CM1 (7.55 nmol mg−1) when compared with CM2 (5.97 nmol mg−1) could have played an important role on the severe reduction in feed intake observed in the birds that received diets containing CM1.

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