The effect of Camelina sativa cake diet supplementation on sensory and volatile profiles of ewe’s milk – D. Cais-Sokolińska, M. Majcher, J. Pikul, S. Bielińska, M. Czauderna, and J. Wójtowski – African Journal of Biotechnology – 2011

Summary: The aim of this study was to evaluate the sensory profile based on the principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis of Euclidean distances as well as evaluate a volatile profile in ewes’ milk. Milk of ewes fed Camelina had a distinct animal, grainy and processed aroma. After pasteurization, the cooked and dairy fat aroma intensified. Addition of Camelina to the diet of ewes resulted in an increase in the content of volatiles, primarily fatty acids. The applied milk pasteurization had a significant effect on a further increase in the contents of volatiles.