Replacement of fish oil with camelina (Camelina sativa) oil in diets for juvenile tilapia and its effect on growth, feed utilization and muscle lipid composition - Eduardo A. Toyes-Vargas, Christopher C. Parrish, María Teresa Viana, Laura Carreón-Palau, P

Replacing fish oil (FO) with camelina oil  (CO) had no effect on growth or total lipid in the muscle. However, the tilapia fed CO had significantly more phospholipid in muscle compared to tilapia fed FO. ALA and LA increased while EPA and DHA decreased as the level of dietary CO increased. In a biofloc system, Stable Isotope Models with R software indicated that tilapia are capable of synthesizing 28% of DHA, 36% of EPA, and 40% of DPA from camelina oil ALA when fish oil is absent.

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