Oil from transgenic Camelina sativa as a source of EPA and DHA in feed for European sea bass - M.B. Betancor, A. MacEwan, M. Sprague, X. Gong, D. Montero, L. Han, J.A. Napier,F. Norambuena, M. Izquierdo, D.R. Tocher – Aquaculture 2021

by Team Account on August 26, 2022
The GM-derived oil improved the nutritional quality of the fish fillet by enhancing total n-3 PUFA levels and maintained flesh EPA and DHA at the same levels as in fish fed the diets containing fish oil. The present study indicated that an oil of terrestrial origin, Camelina sativa, when engineered to contain high levels of EPA and DHA can replace fish oil in feeds for European seabass with no detrimental impact on growth or feed efficiency, while also maintaining or increasing tissue n-3 LC-PUFA contents.
Read more https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aquaculture.2020.735759