Effect of Substituting Fish Oil with Camelina Oil on Growth Performance, Fatty Acid Profile, Digestibility, Liver Histology, and Antioxidative Status of Red Seabream - K.Mzengereza, M.Ishikawa, S.Koshio, S.Yokoyama, Z.Yukun, T.Khoa, A.Moss, S.Dossou, M.F.

This study indicates that red seabream may have the ability to maintain LC-PUFAs between tissues and diets, and camelina oil substitution of fish oil could improve both lipid metabolism and oxidation resistance as well as maintain digestibility. In conclusion, dietary fish oil can be replaced up to 100% or 95% by camelina oil in the diets of red seabream as long as n-3 HUFA, EPA, and DHA are incorporated at the recommended level.

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