Effect of replacement of fish oil with camelina (Camelina sativa) oil on growth, lipid class and fatty acid composition of farmed juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) – S.M. Hixson, C.C. Parrish, and D.M. Anderson – Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 2013

Camelina (Camelina sativa) oil was tested as a replacement for fish oil in diets for farmed Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Camelina differs from other plant oilseeds previously used in aquaculture with high lipid, α-linolenic acid, antioxidants and low proportions of saturated fats. In sum: Camelina oil can reduce the amount of fish oil needed to meet lipid requirements, although replacing 80 % of fish oil reduced LC PUFAs in tissues.

Link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10695-013-9798-2