Effect of Different Percentage of Camelina sativa Cake in Laying Hens Diet: Performance,Welfare, and Eggshell Quality - Susanna Lolli, Guido Grilli, Lorenzo Ferrar, Giovanna Battelli, Sara Pozzo, Incoronata Galasso, Roberto Russo, Milena Brasca, Remo Regg

The aim of this study was to verify the effect of feeding laying hens with up to 20% of camelina cake from a breeding line containing a low level of glucosinolates on performance, welfare, and eggshell quality.  No detrimental effects on feed intake, growth performance, and welfare and no difference in egg production was detected among the diets. The significant (p < 0.05) interaction of diet and age factors suggest that the addition of camelina cake, up to 20%, likely protects the eggshell of older hens. 

Read more  doi:10.3390/ani10081396