Water use, crop coefficients, and irrigation management criteria for camelina production in arid regions – D. J. Hunsaker, A. N. French, T. R. Clarke, andD. M. El-Shikha – Irrigation Science – 2011

Summary: Study measured the crop water use of a November-through-April Camelina crop in Arizona using frequent measurements of soil water contents. The crop was grown under surface irrigation using five treatment levels of soil water depletion. Varying total irrigation water amounts to treatments did not significantly affect yield, whereas total crop evapotranspiration was increased for the most frequently irrigated treatment. The crop coefficient curves, along with information presented on camelina soil water depletion and root zone water extraction characteristics will provide camelina growers in arid regions with irrigation management tools. Link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00271-010-0213-9#page-1