The effect of seeding rate, seeding date and seeder type on the performance of Camelina sativa L. in the Maritime Provinces of Canada – S. D. Urbaniak, C. D. Caldwell, V. D. Zheljazkov, R. Lada, and L. Luan – Canadian Journal of Plant Science – 2008

Summary: The hypothesis of this study was that spring camelina (Camelina sativa L.) could be grown as a high-value crop under the moist, cool conditions of the Maritime Provinces in Canada and seeding date, seeding rate, and type of seeder will modify productivity and oil composition. The objectives were (1) to determine the optimum seeding date and seeding rate for camelina production in the Maritimes; and (2) to evaluate the effect of seeder type (seed drill and forage seeder) on camelina establishment and seed yield. Camelina has the potential to be produced successfully in the Maritime Provinces due to its adaptability to seeder type, low seeding rate requirements, and a wide window for seeding date. Link: