The effect of cultivar and applied nitrogen on the performance of Camelina sativa L. in the Maritime Provinces of Canada – S. D. Urbaniak, C. D. Caldwell, V. D. Zheljazkov, R. Lada, and L. Luan – Canadian Journal of Plant Science – 2008

Summary: Evaluations of cultivar and applied N were performed at Truro, NS, Harrington, PEI, and Hartland, NB, in 2005 and 2006. The results show that the selection of cultivar is an important determinant for the potential success or failure of C. sativa production. Differences in plant stand, plant height, seed yield, oil content and fatty acid profile were found among the cultivars. Results of this study provide convincing evidence of the agronomic suitability of C. sativa to the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Link: