Species trials with oilseed plants. II. Camelina – A. G. Plessers, W. G. McGregor, R. B. Carson, and W. Nakoneshny – Canadian Journal of Plant Science – 1962

Summary: Camelina, a member of the mustard family, exceeded flax and rape in yield of seed per acre at Ottawa, Ontario, and at Fort Vermilion, Alberta. The oil content of the 10 varieties in the test ranged from 34.3% to 38% at Ottawa and from 37.1% to 42.0% at Fort Vermilion. Camelina matured 3 to 4 weeks earlier than flax. This is a valuable characteristic for northern areas as it would prevent damage by early frost and would permit extending the northern limits of the oilseed-producing area. Link: http://pubs.aic.ca/doi/abs/10.4141/cjps62-073