Alternative oilseed crops for biodiesel feedstock on the Canadian prairies – R. E. Blackshaw, E. N. Johnson, Y. Gan, W. E. May, D. W. McAndrew, V. Barthet, T. McDonald, and D. Wispinski – Canadian Journal of Plant Science May 2011

Summary: A multi-site field study (2008-2009) was conducted to determine the oil yield potential of various crops – including camelina – relative to that of napus canola in the semi-arid, short-season environment of the Canadian prairies. Crop emergence and growth were generally good for all crops, but soybean did not fully mature at some locations. Considering yield and oil concentration, the alternative oilseed crops exhibiting the most potential for biodiesel feedstock were camelina, flax, rapa canola and oriental mustard. Analyses indicated that all crops would be suitable for biodiesel feedstock with the addition of antioxidants that are routinely utilized in biodiesel fuels. Link: