On farm business opportunity for growers in the Swift Current area

Our company is dedicated to finding a facility or individual that would like to operate as a Southern Saskatchewan Camelina Delivery/Storage point.  This would be instrumental in supporting southern SK camelina producers interested in growing our elite camelina varieties. Southern Saskatchewan is a vital camelina production area, which is currently being underutilized due to long haul to Landis, SK or Saskatoon, SK delivery points.  Creating a southern SK delivery/storage point for camelina would facilitate our company's 2020 goal of 10,000 acres of camelina production and would support local SK economic growth.

Requirements of a southern delivery point would be to accept total camelina production of potential southern SK contracted camelina acreage for 2020 and beyond.  We would aim for 3000 - 5000 acres to be grown in southern SK for 2020 if we had the support of a facility near Swift Current and/or Assiniboia, SK with easy road access.
The facility would need to:
                  • Evaluate the camelina on-site or nearby
                  • Usable truck weigh scale would be essential
                  • Retain a 1-2 kg representative production sample upon delivery complete a delivery scale ticket with weights.
              • Dockage and camelina grading determinant upon each camelina delivery.
              • Ensure camelina grain health well held at your facility.
              • Monitor and rotate camelina grain every 60-90 days as needed "rough" cleaning ability
              • Remove large portion of shells and large dockage prior to shipping out grain load super-B with "rough" cleaned camelina for transport.
              • Potential storage of camelina would be around 3-6 months until transported to crush
For more information contact Carlene Sarvas: